Support – LocateApp

Getting Started

Downloading the LocateMotion APP






  • Download  LocateMotion app from the APP STORE OR GOOGLE PLAY
  • Make sure to download the updated version with black LocateMotion logo







Logging into Your Account



  •  After downloading the app from the app store.
  • Open the app and click on the “ Experience Now”  


  • Username and password provided by  the LocateMotion Team in the welcome email
  • Password: default- user can change the password later
  • Click Login








Adding device



  • After scanning QR scan code
  • Select from the role and click confirm
  • Or click on add role
  • Once the role is selected. fill in the user information screen and click done
  • Caregiver can successfully track the device wearer as a primary caregiver






Adding Role


  • Create a role that you will play as a the caregiver
  • Select your role, which will send a request to the primary user to add the device






Binding Device(s)



  • Scan the IMEI NUMBER or  Registration ID Number located on the back of the watch/ tracker to add to the app
  • If the scanner doesn’t work, please input the numbers manually by clicking on the input.
  • Enter the username, password
  • Email address optional
  • Click the checkmark










Unbinding Device(s)



  • Select Unbind
  • By clicking ‘Confirm’ you will unbind the LocateWatch, this means you will no longer be able to track this LocateWatch




How it Works

Get Location



  • Select the Location icon
  • This will send an instruction to update the GPS position
    of the device wearer
  • On the map you will now be viewing the current device location





Get Step Count



  • Select the Step Count icon
  • From the pedometer screen you can view the number of steps the device wearer can taken for the date stated below
  • To view the steps taken for other dates, select the current date and scroll to the desired date







Start Chatting
  • Select the Chat icon
  • From the Recording Intercom screen, select ‘Hold down Speak’ and speak to send an audio recording to the device wearer



More Features
  • Select the More icon
  • On the More Features page there are multiple settings












More Features

User Information


  • Select the picture icon to access the device wearer’s user information
  • From the user information screen, you can update any information and confirm the changes by selecting ’Done’


Get Location Timeline



  • Select Location Timeline
  • From the Track screen you can view the location timeline of the device wearer
  • From the bottom of the screen select the timeframe in which you would like to view the location timeline



  • Select Geo-Fence
  • From the Safety Area screen you can view the existing Geo-Fences and add new ones by clicking the ‘+’ on the top right corner
  • Drop the pin to a location that you feel the device wearer is comfortable with, adjust the radius of the Geo-Fence, then name the Geo-Fence accordingly




Alarm Information
  • Select Alarm Information
  • On the Alarm Message screen you can view all the notifications you have received from the device wearer




Multiple Caregivers via QR code
  • Select QR Code
  • From the QR Code Sharing screen, other caregivers can scan this QR code so they too can track the same device wearer




Device Settings


  • Select Device Setting
  • On the Device Setting screen you can view all the features that can be set and adjusted for your LocateWatch








Emergency SOS


  • Select Emergency SOS
  • From the Caregiver List screen you can view the list of caregivers tracking the device wearer




Unbinding the Device
  • Select Unbind
  • By clicking ‘Confirm’ you will unbind the LocateWatch, this means you will no longer be able to track this LocateWatch




Device Settings

Adding SOS Number


  • From the Device Setting, screen select ‘SOS number’ 
  • You can add up to 3 SOS numbers that the LocateWatch will ring to in case of emergencies




Adding Admin Number
  • From the Device Setting screen, select ’Set admin number’
  • Set the admin number as the Caregiver’s cell phone number



Set Real-Time Position
  • From the Device Setting screen, select ‘Real-time position’
  • Select ‘Confirm’ to upload the latest location of the device wearer




GPS Working Mode
  • From the Device Setting screen, select ‘GPS working mode’
  • You can select the normal mode which uploads the location of the device wearer every 10 minutes or select the real-time positioning mode which uploads the location of the device wearer ever 10 seconds




Setting the Step Count Period
  • From the Device Setting screen select ‘Step count period’
  • In order for the LocateWatch to count steps, the step count period must be set, select the start and end time for the step count, next select ‘Sure’
  • Note, the Pedometer must be slid to on for the step count to work



Upload Interval
  • From the Device Setting screen, select ‘Upload Interval’
  • You can change the upload interval of the LocateWatch’s location to normal mode, power-saving mode or following mode, then select ‘Confirm’



More Device Setting Features


  • Resume factory setting: Resets the LocateMotion App
  • Remote shutdown: Shuts down the LocateWatch
  • Low battery alert: Sends a low battery alert signal to the LocateWatch
  • Set white list 1 & 2: Set phone numbers to block receiving calls from for the LocateWatch
  • Set language and time zone: Allows you to change the text language of the LocateWatch and you can set the time zone of the LocateWatch accordingly
  • Sounds: Set the notification sound system
  • Text push: Sends text messages to the LocateWatch