SenSightsTM – device agnostic, secure and with smart responses. SenSightsTM is technologically superior and has a personal emergency response system designed with medical alert systems with fall detection and GPS for active older adults who may be prone to falls or wandering.

Use case Stay Together –
Connected “Family” Elder / Senior

Monitoring Devices

Choose from a growing range of LocateMotion certified devices and deliver near real-time data to LocateMotion’s cloud-based platform

Seamless Connectivity

With SenSightsTM , elder is always connected via cellular networks. The result is persistent, reliable information, including real-time GPS location data, regardless of where they are.

Location Data

LocateMotion securely collects a specific set of data from every monitoring device (ONLY with permission of elder and caregiver), helping to shape a clear understanding of elder behavior and health.




Helping our caregivers take better care of their elders is an essential part of our society and our core value proposition.
Heart Rate


Without context, data is just data. LocateMotion enriches behavioral and diagnostic data with 3rd party contextual data sources to frame it in a way that makes sense for both your business and your customers alike.
ALERTS etc.,


Plan, develop, test, deploy and operate. LocateMotion facilitates the efficient integration of data into new and existing applications via our suite of best in class open APIs and mobile SDKs.


Apps, services and more. With high-quality data and our open APIs, the ways in which you can meet family and caregiver needs are as endless as our capabilities.

Predictive Analytics

Big time data makes for big time business opportunities and with access to real-time streaming analytics from LocateMotion, your potential will be bigger than ever.

SenSightsTM  – An Analytics Platform that ensures community health and wellness.

Globally Scalable

Using GPS, wireless technology to provide location and tracking services, the platform has various features to help support and enhance your business further.

Business focus

Dedicated to protecting user privacy and providing a safe and secure environment for all users, the app is designed and not intended to abuse or misuse any network, device, or personal data.

Real-Time Monitoring

Providing continuous connectivity and tracking using APIs like Google APIs, GPS, WiFi along with telecom networks in order to accumulate and monitor reliable real-time information.

Device Agnostic

The device-agnostic design offers an all-in-one experience across many devices and systems without the need for special adaptations. This design accounts for the input method, connection speed, resolution and any other variable/limitation that could be encountered on a device.

Consumer focus

Designed to integrate one device with up to three application users through a mobile app. This way a wearable on an older adult can be accessed by three users – caregivers on either an IOS/Android phone.

And much more

Remote geo-fencing, medical alert fall detection, tracking previous locations, reporting, recharging, admin users and other features are available for customizing and utilizing on the application