GPS Watch & Tracker Helping Families Stay Together

Our GPS watch and tracker smart pendant for elderly, kids, pets, and personal belongings helps families stay together and keeps things safe. We provide a unique solution for wandering to track and locate loved ones when it counts, as well as a way for you to track and keep everyone and everything you care about safe. Check out our innovative Caregiver Watch and Caregiver Tracker and Stay Together with LocateMotion, the find company of the future.

LocateMotion GPS Watch and Tracker Is Perfect For


GPS Watch for Elderly

Our GPS Caregiver Watch for elderly senior care is a premiere solution, especially for wandering loved ones. You get the support you need while loved ones get independence and respect they deserve.


GPS Watch for Kids

The ability to track and locate your kids is priceless. Our GPS Caregiver Watch and Tracker for kids lets parents do just that. Out of box and ready to track and locate children who wander.



The Caregiver Tracker is a GPS smart pendent perfect for pets. We know how important your furry family members are, so keep them safe by tracking them using our innovative GPS tracking and location solutions.



Our GPS Caregiver Tracker smart pendant and app helps you track and locate personal belonging your care about when it counts. Simply click or slip the tracker onto something and track it remotely 24/7


LocateMotion GPS Caregiver Watch & Caregiver Tracker

Our mission is simple, help loved ones Stay Together. The Caregiver Watch supports our mission. We extended our mission to tracking and locating everyone and everything you care the most about. The Caregiver Watch is a premiere tracking solution that helps keep loved ones safe, designed for elderly and kids who are prone to wandering. Our innovative Caregiver Tracker smart pendant goes a step further, letting you track and locate people, pets, and personal belongings. The GPS watch and tracker smart pendant are supported by the LocateMotion app for Android and iOS.


  • Ease of Use
  • Independence & Confidence
  • Peace of Mind
  • Reduce Stress
  • Affordable Care Solution
  • 30-Day Guarantee
  • White Glove Support

LocateMotion Caregiver App for Android & iOS Mobile Devices

The LocateMotion Caregiver App is available free for Android and iOS mobile devices. Your loved one wears our innovative GPS Caregiver Watch and/or Caregiver Tracker smart pendant while you monitor via the caregiver mobile application. Our app helps you Stay Together with people, pets, and personal belongings with features like:

  • Remote Chat
  • Voice Messaging
  • Activity Scheduling 
  • Medication Scheduling
  • Monitor Safety & Health
  • Get Geo-Fence Alerts
  • And Much More

Get the LocateMotion Caregiver App at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store today. 


Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

★★★★★ LocateMotion is a Lifesaver! Our son, Ryan, 21, wears the LocateMotion application because he is at fall risk from seizures. It doesn’t matter how old you are, this device can save your life by calling for help especially when you can’t. We are so glad to see this message changing to include people of all ages and all conditions.

Beckie DeSouzaOntario, Canada

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