GPS Watch & Tracker Smart Pendant for Elderly

The LocateWatch and LocateTracker smart pendant tracks and locates elderly loved ones when it counts. Our solution allows you to stay connected with aging parents, whether they live independently or in a senior care facility. With location history, geo-fencing, voice communication, and more, the LocateWatch and LocateTracker helps families Stay Together. We have developed an innovative out-of-box solution that gives you peace of mind, always connected to loved ones using the LocateMotion iOS and Android App. 


GPS LocateWatch For Elderly

Our GPS LocateWatch is a timely solution helping elderly loved ones stay safe while maintaining the independence and respect they deserve.The GPS watch is perfect for seniors who live alone or in a senior care facility. You get true peace of mind being connected to your loved one using our innovative solution with a 30-day guarantee. 

Your loved one wears the LocateWatch while you track, monitor, and locate them using the LocateMotion App for Android and iOS. It really is that simple with a smart watch ready to use right out of the box. Our GPS watch for elderly is also a device that can be useful if your aging parent or loved one is prone to wandering.

Check out all the LocateWatch features, and feel free to Compare Us. Our GPS smart device watch has been given a grant by the government of Canada to solve the serious issue of wandering in seniors.