GPS Pet Tracker For Your Furry Friends

Track, locate, and find your pet from anywhere 24/7. Our LocateTracker is a GPS pet tracker and mobile app that simply keeps your furry friends safe.

GPS pet tracker

For When Your Furry Friends Wander

Keep track of your furry friends with the LocateMotion GPS pet tracker — because you never know where and when they’ll wander off




GPS Pet Tracker & Mobile App

Do you have a pet with wanderlust? This is a common problem among pet owners. The good news is that we have a solution! Our GPS pet tracker is a smart tracking system that allows you to track, locate, and find your furry friend when it counts.

Your pet wears the LocateTracker while you track and ensure he or she is safe from anywhere 24/7. The LocateMotion app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Have more than one furry family member? No problem. With our app, you can track multiple pets from one easy to use mobile GPS map.

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LocateTracker Pet Features

Our innovative GPS pet tracker is equipped with a number of pet-friendly, as well as human-friendly features. We know the heart pounding misery that comes about when searching for a lost pet, and we want to ensure those moments are far and few between. Our smart pet tracking device and app is also a wonderful way to stay connected with your furry friend while at work, vacation, or while on a play date.


  • GPS satellite pet tracking support
  • LBS wireless communication 
  • Talk to your pet via remote app calls 
  • Geo-fencing and app alerts
  • Extended battery life (80-hour standby)
  • Remote app controlled (iOS and Android)
  • Multiple pet tracking
  • Easy to use mobile device GPS map

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