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By 2030, every fifth American will be a senior citizen. Research shows that this population growth will create caregiver shortages and impact home healthcare resources.

Data can help.

SenSightsTM strives to help you deliver value-based care by analyzing the information provided by wearables, smart phones, sensors, WIFI and geo-data. Our algorithms track health trends as well as patterns in movement so that ‘right’ care can be provided in a timely manner.

Your Demo

Data Integrations

Overview of LocateMotion’s data integration capabilities with third-party sources (EHRs, Billing, Scheduling, Business Intelligence and a lot more).


A comprehensive presentation on Sensights™: the latest activity tracking and remote monitoring platform that will allow you to generate actionable insights for your cohort and ensure continuum of care, closely monitor active seniors and identify high-risk clients.

Application experience

The option to trial the application and experience our comprehensive, device agnostic ecosystem that captures information from multiple sources and brings it all together in real-time for advanced insights. See how our intelligent technology and AI algorithms detect and predict issues such as falls and wandering in a non-intrusive manner.

Our Funding and Collaboration Partners

A data driven, Intelligent Approach

Our scalable, customizable solution comprises of Open APIs, device & network agnostic platform, a dedicated platform, and remote monitoring devices. It enables you to improve escalation management, plan for expected future caregiver shortages with effective business intelligence tools, reduce costs and provide timely care to seniors so that they can age in place.

LocateMotion Resources


AI, 5G and IoT: Buzzwords or can they really facilitate in-home senior care?

While browsing through LinkedIn, surfing through different channels on the television, or reading your favourite business publication; you may have come across news about advancements in AI or how an organisation is testing 5G technology to enhance its current offerings.


How Will IoT Transform Senior Care?

The healthcare industry is still trying to figure out a way to care for the elderly population whose life expectancies are increasing by the minute. The IoT has the power to be a gamechanger for the healthcare industry – senior care particularly – by lowering costs and risk while improving the quality of life.


Is PDGM the most effective payment mechanism for the home healthcare sector?

There has been a growing focus on patient needs and preventive care. This is why CMS has announced the launch of a budget-neutral payment approach. This system has been designed keeping patient requirements into perspective.

Traditionally, home healthcare industry has billed for ‘volume’ of care. However, recent changes to Medicare reimbursements policies will compel home healthcare providers to take a more detailed approach when it comes to patient care.


Are changes to Medicare Advantage making home healthcare providers re-strategize?

The way home healthcare companies operate hasn’t changed significantly over the past few decades. They usually follow a private-pay model; a standard system where patients are billed for care based on the number of hours per week. This, however, is about to undergo a drastic overhaul. All because the way medical coverage is provided in the United States is changing.