Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Unable to - Complete Watch Set-Up? Connect Watch to Internet?
  • Watch must be ON and cellular signal visible in status panel present on top of watch home screen.
  • If command gives error ‘Device not connected to Internet’.
    1. On the Watch, go to Settings –> Wireless and Networks –> More –> Mobile Networks –> Access Point Names and Select ‘Add New APN’. Create New APN with following, Name: LMIoT, APN: m2m-east.telus.iot, leave other options blank). Save the new APN settings.
    2. Give watch a restart by pressing Power button.
2. Unable to download Mobile App on your Phone?




  • Check internet connection on your phone.
  • Ensure free phone storage of 31MB.
  • Go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone and download the App. You must have an active store account to download the App.
3. Showing wrong location on App - ‘Location’?


  • The watch wearer shouldn’t be static for location updates. Change the location and pace of movement to detect movement.
  • For optimum use of caregiver phone data, the App shows the last viewed watch location.
  • To see the latest watch location, click on the ‘Location” button from the menu.
  • it takes ~10 min to upload the current location of the device.

  • Still showing the wrong location?
    1. Watch must be ON and cellular signal visible in status panel present on top of watch home screen.
    2. Move the watch position preferably outdoor.
4. Unable to send chats messages from watch?
  • Locate motion solution comes with 10MB of monthly data balance that is sufficient for basic tracking and chat.
5. Unable to add new watch to existing caregiver App account?


  • Type the correct Watch ID, Do not add IMEI number (present at the bottom)
  • If unable to read the QR code via Camera, manually type in the Registration Code.
  • If the sticker is missing from the back of the watch, please reach-out to Locate Motion support team and we will help you register.


6. Forgot locatemotion app -caregiver account password?
  • Go to option, ‘Forgot Password’ on the App Login Screen of the phone.
  • Make sure you are sending request from your registered mobile number (‘P-number’given at the time of caregiver new account registration)
  • On retrieve password screen, type in caregiver registered email address to receive a verification code.
  • You will have to use the code within 10 minutes to complete the password reset.
  • If you complete new password request, then entering of old password will not work anymore.


7. Is the Watch waterproof?
  • This Watch is not designed to be used while swimming or to go under the shower. It is Life Waterproof means it can withstand light water spills but not for swimming.


8. How to make SOS Call from Watch?

NOTE:The watch display must be active to activate SOS. Simply press either the SOS or power button to activate display.

  • When met with emergency, the watch wearer can press SOS button on the bottom of left side of the watch.Simply, press and hold the SOS buttonfor 2 seconds
  • You can easily set up to 3 SOS numbers using the Locate motion mobile app. The device will call the 3 SOS numbers one by one in case the first number dialled does not pick up. The cycle will be repeated once more in case none of the numbers pick up.


9. How accurate is the location of the Watch?
  • It is a real-time location, depending on your internet connection you can have some seconds of delay. The location precision is 50-100 meters accuracy.
  • Always press ‘Locate Watch’ button on the App to find the watch latest location. The App does not refresh automatically for optimum data consumption of both watch and your phone.


10. How frequently Watch location stored on Locate Motion server?
  • When the Watch is in motion, the tracking interval for the location is set to 10 Minutes (As Default).
  • This interval can be changed on the App ‘Settings’ à ‘Work Mode’ to 1 Min, 10 Min or 1 Hour.
  • Each mode will result in drain the charge of the battery in the watch differently. Locate Motion recommend using 10 Min (As Default) for optimum battery life.


11. I want to track Watch more frequently - How to fix the delay?
  • If you want to track more frequently, change watch ‘Settings’ à ‘Work Mode’ to Follow (1 Min).
  • Please note the watch will now use much more data and watch battery will not last more than a day.



12. Can I use another micro SIM in the Locate Motion Watch?
  • Yes, you can use a micro SIM card with active 3G voice, data and SMS plans.However, Locate Motion cannot guarantee that it will work.
  • Locate Motion will soon launch Watch with Global IoT Connectivity for customers outside North America. Please leave your email address (no commitment) here to be notified of our International Launch.



13. How is SMS notifications different?
  • Locate Motion App notifications are free of cost. But only caregiver(s) using the App will receive notifications.
  • In case of SOS / Watch Battery Low, you might also want to notify someone through SMS (only Canadian phone number). Up to 5 SMS are included in your monthly plan. If you activate SMS notification above 5 SMS, you will have to pay applicable charges.


14. How do I find the phone number of the watch?
  • Once you have setup the watch and especially the SOS functionality as shown in our registration video, you can try to call yourself (caregiver) from the watch. You must store this number in your phone contacts for future use.
  • We will send you the watch phone number along with other information in the box.


15. Can an International phone number be included as an SOS number?
  • No, at present SOS numbers use is restricted to Canadian or US number format only.


16. Does LocateMotion watch work outside of North America

Our teams are working to extend global connectivity soon but at this moment we do not support outside North America. However,LocateMotion watch supports any 3G SIM. Especially for our international customers, we recommend using any local 3G cellular SIM (with active data and voice plans).


17. What is the warranty on watch?

LocateMotion watch comes with a one-year limited warranty, from the time of receiving it, which protects you against manufacturing defects.

18. If I am not completely satisfied with the product, can I return the product?

There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return our watch in its original condition to receive a full refund. To learn more about our policy, please refer to terms and conditions page.

19. Can I use my own 3G SIM? Do I still need to pay monthly / annual fees?

We partner with Canada’s best IoT network to provide reliable connection anywhere at an affordable price. However, if you want to use your own SIM, LocateMotion watch support any 3G SIM (with active data and voice plans) and any 2G Micro SIM for LocateTracker.

After receiving the device please send us an email to cancel your plan.

For good quality of service and support, it is highly recommended to use SIM provided by LocateMotion.

20. Do I need to turn on my phone data to track the device?


Yes, data is required to be on in order to track the device, if not already connected to Wi-Fi.



21. How long is the battery life? How does it take to charge the device?



The battery life ranges from 2-3 days depending on usage. The battery percentage can be located on the top of the watch screen or through the LocateMotion app.

It takes 30 minutes to charge the watch to 100%.



22. Are LocateMotion devices available in the US?

Yes. The locateMotion devices and services are available in USA and Canada.

23. How accurate is the real-time positioning feature?

Depending on the accuracy of the GPS and cell towers from the wireless company, real-time positioning is accurate to an approximate location of 50-100m.

24. How do I guarantee the accuracy of the Watch?

Accuracy is not guaranteed, but rather within a range of 50-500m depending on the signal strength of your location. GPS is most accurate along with Wi-Fi location. LBS is up to 500m accurate depending on 3G.

25. How to make SOS call from the LocateTracker?

When you click the power button on the tracker, a blue light will flash indicating that it is charged and therefore it is on. If you press the power button for 2 seconds it will send an SOS call to 3 numbers that you have set on the LocateMotion App.

26. How to Use the Geofence feature on the LocateMotion App ?

From the home screen, click more, go on geofence and click the plus sign. From here you can drop the pin to any location that you feel that the device wearer is comfortable with. As the geofence is essentially a safety net for the device wearer. From there the radius of the geofence can be set up to 5 km. As soon as the device wearer breeches this radius, the caregiver will get the notification immediately. The caregiver will get To confirm the new geofence click the checkmark, as well, name the geofence accordingly and specify the timing of the alarm notification sent. For example if ‘in’ is selected the caregiver will receive a notification when the device wearer is in this particular geofence in time intervals that can be specified from the upload interval feature.

Also, watch video on youtube “How to use Geo fence feature on the LocateMotion App”

27.How to set up SOS phone numbers on the LocateMotion App?

The SOS feature allows the device wearer to send a direct call to 3 consecutive people in case of emergencies by clicking the red SOS button on the watch.
To set up the 3 SOS numbers, click more from the home screen, go on device setting, and click SOS number.
You can add up to 3 SOS numbers and the watch will call all 3 of the SOS numbers one by one in case the prior ones dialed does not pick up. The cycle will be repeated once more if none of the numbers pick up. Simultaneously, a notification will be sent to all 3 SOS numbers that the watch wearer needs help.

All three caregivers must download the LocoteMotion APP to get the notifications.

The watch can only dial 3 consecutive SOS numbers if none of the numbers have voicemail services. Otherwise the watch will dial only to the first SOS number.

28. How to bind and Unbind the Watch / Tracker?

From the menu list select ‘add device’ and scan the QR code located on the back of the watch. If this does not work, manually enter the code watch / Tracker ID located back of the device. The Locatewatch / LocateTracker is now bound. To unbind the watch / Tracker, click more from the homepage, and click the red unbind button at the bottom of the screen.

29. How to download the LocateMotion app?

If you have an iPhone, go to the app store and type in LocateMotion. Please note to download the LocateMotion app in the black font as it is the updated version. As for Samsung users, follow the same procedure except now you will be searching the app in the google play store.

30. How to use the pedometer feature?

From the homepage, click more, then go on device settings. Turn on the pedometer. Also Select step count period on the device setting and then create a timeframe for the pedometer to be online and tracking. Please note that the device has to be online in order to confirm the timeframe.

Now from the home screen click step count. From there you can view the number of steps the device wearer has taken in the selected step count timeframe. You can also check the step count from the watch by clicking on the health. Please note that the app displays the step count of the watch wearer, therefore the app is not a pedometer itself.

31. How to make a call /remotely monitor from the LocateMotion App to the LocateWatch/LocateTracker?

To make a call from the app to the device, go to the home screen, on the map near the right corner select the phone icon, which will send a call to the device.

To Remotely monitor the device – from the home page click “More” > click on device setting > click on set admin number > set the admin number as caregiver phone number” click on confirm.
then go back to the homepage and click on the ” headphone icon”. then the device will automatically send a call to the caregiver phone, the caregiver can monitor, listen and talk to the device wearer. Please remember that in order to make calls, the watch should be charged and online.

32. How to track the history of watch / Tracker using Location Timeline feature on the LocateMotion App?

From the homepage click more then go on location timeline. At the bottom of the screen select the timeframe to track the history of the device and then select the play button at the top right corner which will show the movement of the device wearer within the selected timeline.

33. How to update the latest location of the watch / Tracker on the app in case of emergency?

To update the latest location of the device wearer in case of an emergency. From the home screen click more then go on device settings.
– Select real-time position then click confirm.
– then, go on upload interval and change the setting to ” Following mode: 1 minutes/ time” which will upload the location of the device wearer every 1 minute.
-Next, on the device setting, click on ” GPS working mode” and then select “Real-time positioning( every 10 seconds) then click on confirm. It takes 2- 10 min to upload the real-time position of the device.

Disclaimer: *We DO NOT provide REAL TIME TRACKING – In case of Emergency, you can adjust tracking CLOSER to Real Time if GPS interval is changed to 30 sec and Upload Interval feature Changed to 1 min (Default is set to 10 min to increase battery life).

34. How to set the Alarm remotely on the LocateWatch from your LocateMotion App?

From the home screen click ‘more’ then go on ‘device settings’ and click alarm clock.
Select the plus sign to add an alarm. Set the time and specify if you would like it to be a repeated alarm. Select sure.
The alarm has now been set for your LocateWatch.

To delete alarm – select the alarm box and swipe left.

35. When LocateTracker is fully charged?

– Flashing blue light indicates LocateTracker is fully charged
– Blue light indicates LocateTracker is charging
– No blue light indicates LocateTracker needs to be charged or low battery.

Low battery warning can be set on the app by clicking on “More” then go to device setting and Turn on the ” Low battery alert”. The caregiver will get the alarm message notification on the LocateMotion app.

36. Any bug or technical issue?

For Andriod phone users only: making a call from the locateMotion app to the watch feature is not working at this moment. There is a bug and Our technical team is working on it.

37. What are the pricing options of Locate watch and locateTracker?

Please click on the link below to learn about pricing and deals.