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Locate Motion – A Global Connectivity Solution


The Locate Motion Solution* offers multiple features to help you stay connected.


Be aware of your loved ones location and whereabouts in Real-Time.

Simply, Track, Talk and Care.

Anywhere Anytime!


*The Locate Motion Mobile App is available for Free on both Android & iOS mobile phone devices

(Current version not available for Tablets/iPads)

LocateMotion is proud to present our new feature-loaded smartwatch!

We understand the need for dignity and respect for patients suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Autism. Our watches provide the perfect assisted care without hampering the independence of the patient.

Be confident in their safety.

Anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

SOS calls

SOS Calling

In case of emergency, a 2 seconds press of SOS button on watch will enable watch to automatically attempt a cellular call to 3 pre-defined numbers. Caregiver can also make a cellular call to watch anytime. Only approved phone numbers can call the watch wearer and vice-versa (up to 15 numbers).


Activity Scheduling

Add reminders or set alarms for daily appointments and medicine regimes to keep watch wearer on track of their activities and routine. Set a schedule for the watch remotely using Mobile App!

GPS Tracking


Set Geo-Fence alerts to notify caregiver whenever the watch wearer leaves/enters a designated zone (within radius: 200 meters – 2000 meters). When watch wearer leaves/enters the zone, the watch’s inbuilt GPS tracker will send a notification message to Mobile App.

Battery Life

Smart Power Consumption

The watch minimizes battery consumption by using only the few necessary optimized services/features, and intermittently sending location data to our servers. As a result, the watch lasts over 2 days on a single charge.


Life Waterproof

The watch can withstand day to day use, so you don’t have to worry about taking it off to wash your hands or take a shower. The less often they take it off, the less chance they’ll forget to put it back on!

Remote Camera

Camera can be accessed through the watch to take fun selfies, or take a snapshot remotely using Mobile App to quickly check up on your loved one. This is a unique feature that allows you to discreetly obtain peace of mind without disturbing the watch wearer.

Voice Messaging & Remote Audio

Watch can send/receive an instant voice messages to/from caregiver Mobile App (in an audio chat log). In extreme emergency, caregiver can also send a command from our Mobile App to make a remote monitoring call for situations where watch wearer is non-responsive.

Location History

You can track the Real-Time location of the watch wearer. With our advanced telemetry platform, simply sit back and let Locate Motion Solution gives you that extra peace of mind.

And Much More…

The device includes additional features:

  • A pedometer to count steps, distance traveled, and calories burned
  • A memory game to practice and to improve, basic Math and Reaction-Time
  • “Send love” through the App to let the watch wearer know you care!