Caregiver Watch Personal GPS Tracker

The Caregiver Watch is a timely IoT personal GPS tracker for elderly, kids and caregivers. This GPS watch is perfect for loved ones who would benefit from daily health monitoring and activity scheduling. Wearers of the Caregiver Watch get a beautifully designed, innovative way to live life to the fullest. Caregivers get to track, locate and monitor loved ones via the LocateMotion Caregiver App. Our personal GPS tracker provides a variety of features features to help families Stay Together.


Caregiver Watch GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracker

The Caregiver Watch is a GPS tracker that keeps loved ones safe. It also has geo-fence alerts via the GPS tracker and LocateMotion caregiver app.

Activity and Medication Scheduling

Activity Scheduling

Add reminders or set alarms remotely via the app for daily appointments and medication to keep your loved ones on track.

Durable and Lifeproof Smartwatch

Durable & Life-Proof

Our device is life-proof, letting your loved one keep it on when washing hands or showering. They’ll rarely need, or want to take off the Caregiver Watch.

Caregiver Watch Built-In Camera

Built-In Camera

Check-in on your loved one via the app using the built-in camera caregiver solution, discreetly checking in without disturbing their daily routine.

Caregiver Watch Voice Messaging

Voice Messaging

Send voice messages to and from the watch in an audio chat log with the caregiver. Also make silent calls to listen to surroundings.

Caregiver Watch Location History

Location History

The user-friendly online dashboard lets you see location history and track the live location of the Caregiver Watch and loved one via GPS tracking in-app.

Smartwatch Power 3 Day Charge

Smartwatch Power

Our Caregiver solution minimizes battery usage and lasts up to 3 days on a single smartwatch charge, giving caregivers true peace of mind.

Smartwatch Emergency Calling

Emergency Calling

The Caregiver Watch has an inbuilt one-touch emergency calling button to contact priority caregivers via call and text.

Caregiver Watch Features

Health Tracker Features

Count steps, distance and calories burned, track sleep patterns of your loved one, improve mental health via memory games, and “Send Love” via the LocateMotion app.


Caregiver Watch & LocateMotion App

The Caregiver Watch and the LocateMotion caregiver app for iOS and Android provides a number of valuable features for elderly, kids and caregivers.

The GPS watch lets loved ones keep their independence, confidence and respect while the mobile app serves up peace of mind and much needed support for caregivers.

Caregivers can track and locate loved ones during wandering episodes, or during times of crisis. This alone can decrease caregiver stress. The Caregiver Watch lets you track and locate loved ones 24/7.

Loved ones get a sleek SmartWatch with health tracking features, memory games, SOS calling, and more. It is a win-win! Click the button below to order your Caregiver Watch today.

Caregiver Superhero Support for $149

Get the Caregiver Watch for only $149 CAD today. You and your loved one have access to all the great features, letting you track, locate, monitor and care 24/7, from anywhere. The GPS Tracker Freedom Package includes:

  • Monthly Payments of Only $19 CAD
  • Monthly Usage of Voice (20 mins)
  • 20MB of Data
  • 5 SMS Included
  • And More

The Caregiver Watch is also one of the most innovative GPS watches and personal GPS trackers on the market. Check out our GPS tracking devices comparisonStay Together today with the Caregiver Watch. Click below to order yours now. 

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