Best GPS Tracker Smart Pendant

Find your keys, car, purse, bicycle, pets, and even the humans you care most about with the LocateMotion GPS Caregiver Tracker. Our Caregiver Tracker is a GPS smart pendant that fits and clips on anything and anyone.


Locate and Track People, Pets, and Personal Belongings

From children and furry friends to cars and purses, we have revolutionized the way you can track people, pets, and personal belongings you care the most about.You simply set up your GPS tracker smart pendant, clip it or slip it on to something or someone, and track him, her, or it using the innovative LocateMotion app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

“Ready For Use Right Out Of The Box!” The Caregiver Tracker provides 100 percent ease of use and is ready to go right out of the box. You simply set up your account with LocateMotion and we do the rest. You can start tracking your favorite people, pets, and personal belongings within minutes of receiving your Caregiver Tracker GPS smart pendant.

Purchase your Caregiver Tracker for only $149 with a one-year GPS/LBS subscription and 30-day guarantee.

GPS Caregiver Tracker

In response to the comments we received after launching the LocateMotion Caregiver Watch, we now provide a way to track and locate everything you care about the most. Our mission is pretty simple. We aim to help families Stay Together and we have advanced our mission with the launch of our affordable and innovative Caregiver Tracker GPS smart pendant.


Caregiver Tracker Features:

  • Supported by GPS satellite tracking
  • LBS wireless communication tracking
  • Receives remote calls
  • Geo-fencing functionality
  • SOS help button
  • Long battery life
  • Up to 80-hour standby time
  • Remote app controlled geo-fencing
  • App for Android and iOS smart devices



Track Everyone and Everything All At Once

Our GPS tracker smart pendant allows you to track everything all at once. With a LocateMotion Caregiver Tracker on your kids backpack, on your pet’s collar, and one in your teenager’s car, you can see where everyone is from one GPS map via our app. Do you have elderly or aging parents prone to wandering? You can pair all your Caregiver Trackers with our Caregiver Watch, tracking and locating everyone and everything you care about the most. Click below to start tracking your loved ones and personal belongings today with LocateMotion, helping families Stay Together.

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