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The LocateMotion management team and advisory board is comprised of experts in various industries, fields of research, and leading tech solutions. The team behind the LocateWatch, LocateTracker, and LocateMotion App are thought leaders in technology, startups, business operations, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), applications development, security and more.


LocateMotion Advisory Board

Will Falk

Ex-North-American Lead for HealthCare PWC, Sr. Fellow at CD Howe

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Alister Campbell

Ex – CEO Zurich Insurance & Guarantee Company, Senior Fellow at CD Howe

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Saliq Khan

IoT, Smart Home, Security, VP Imperial Capital

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LocateMotion Management Team

Our management team of experts aim to make LocateMotion the “Find Company” of the future. With innovative products and services supported by IoT, AI, and the latest in application software. We hope to bring a more affordable GPS watch and “Location” solutions to the global marketplace starting with the LocateWatch. We truly believe all caregiver, health and wellness solutions should be accessible to everyone. Stay Together with LocateMotion.

Nauman Jaffar

CEO & Founder

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Oren Chervinsky

Chief Revenue Officer

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Kenneth Tambuwun

Data Analyst

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Anurag Kumbhaj

Director Products

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Rabia Kaleem

Project Manager

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Zunaira Omar

Digital Marketing Manager

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Israel Diaz

Chief Brand Officer

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Stephen Lean

Sales Executive

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Erum Ansari PR and Content Manager

Erum Ansari

PR and Content Manager

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