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Meet SenSightsTM

The Only Analytics Platform Needed To Facilitate Aging in Place

Meet SenSightsTM

The Only Analytics Platform Needed To Facilitate Aging in Place

How does SenSightsTM work?

SenSightsTM provides advanced real-time analytics to help identify health trends and patterns in movement to reduce chances of wandering and enable aging in place. Our non-intrusive platform promotes independent living and does not require inputs from seniors.

SenSightsTM ensures that seniors are always connected to their caregivers through a customisable, scalable, simple solution.


Medical Care Influences

Social Circumstances




Movement Patterns

The need of the hour

By 2029, the North American senior population will double. Also known as the Silver Tsunami, this phenomenon is happening in countries worldwide as well..

As the population ages, the need for support and care also increases.

With an all-in-one “device agnostic” simple to use solution, we enable caregivers, loved ones, home healthcare providers and medical institutions to provide timely care and safety to the aging population.

A Holistic Approach – from Activity to Impact

SenSightsTM is a predictive platform that allows users to track their information such as Activity Score, Gefences, Movement Patterns and much more through a private customized view. Using its proprietary algorithm, SenSightsTM analyzes the information provided by wearables and other IoT devices to determine the severity of the situation and sends “smart alerts” accordingly.

SenSightsTM is designed to help home healthcare agencies develop a more thorough care plan for seniors while effectively managing their resources.

No manual settings or inputs needed

SenSightsTM is a unique customisable solution that comprises of an Open API, device agnostic platform, dedicated app, remote monitoring devices and optional GPS devices.

For SenSightsTM to prevent and predict wandering, no inputs are required from the wearer. It’s simple, easy, and effective.

To Sum Up SenSightsTM  is committed to:

✔️ Helping Seniors Live Independently

✔️ Facilitating Aging in Place

✔️ Providing Peace of Mind

✔️ Ensuring Safety

✔️ Predicting & Preventing Wandering & Falls

✔️ Generating Advanced Analytics for Superior Business Intelligence

In the news

Want more – Meet our Outdoor GPS tracking devices

The LocateWatch is a dependable tracking devices that help keep seniors safe. The devices, supported by the LocateMotion’s app for Android and iOS, gives you the capability to talk, outdoor track and care (today) and the full scale wandering prediction and prevention experience (coming soon) from anywhere in the world. They are easy to use and come with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Free Device, No shipping cost and White Glove Support.

All starting at $30 per month (includes roaming, voice, data, SMS in US / Canada) and no contract required.

GPS, Cellular, Wifi


Location History

SOS Calling & Monitoring

Waterproof Lite

Monthly Data, Voice, SMS included

Funding and Collaboration partners

Seniors enjoy independence while caregiver have the ultimate peace of mind