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GPS Tracker Helping Caregivers & Families Stay Together

LocateMotion Caregiver Watch is a GPS Tracker for elderly, kids, and caregivers that is easy to use and affordable. Enjoy 3G/4G wireless connection, built-in camera, chat, voice messaging, activity scheduling, 3-day battery life, and other “timely” Internet of Things (IoT) features. All personal GPS tracker watches are synced to the LocateMotion app, available for iOS Apple smartphones and Android devices. Keep loved ones close and Stay Together with the Caregiver Watch today.

GPS Tracking Device Caregivers LocateMotion

A Truly Unique & Affordable GPS Tracker

Our mission is simple, help loved ones Stay Together. The Caregiver Watch supports this mission. With features unlike any other GPS Tracker on the market, the Caregiver Watch keeps loved ones connected 24/7. Caregivers also get the support they need and deserve by knowing their loved ones are safe, secure, and enjoying a timepiece that makes daily life easier. Click below to learn more about the solution families are raving about.

  • Makes Daily Life Easier
  • Wearer Ease of Use
  • Wearer Independence & Confidence
  • Caregiver Peace of Mind
  • Reduce Caregiver Stress
  • Affordable for All

LocateMotion Caregiver Watch

A truly affordable GPS tracker helping families stay together. Get the Caregiver Watch for $149 CAD. The Freedom Package let’s you get the LocateMotion GPS watch for elderly and kids with all the great features at a fraction of the cost of other GPS tracking devices.

Reduce caregiver stress and get the peace of mind you need and deserve with our IoT solution. Aimed at making life easier for caregivers, as well as loved ones, like seniors and kids who can benefit from a variety of tracking, monitoring, and activity features.

  • Pay $19 CAD Monthly
  • Monthly Usage of Voice (20mins)
  • Data (20MB)
  • SMS (5) Included
  • Care Package and BYOID Package Available
GPS Tracker and App from LocateMotion

LocateMotion Caregiver App  

Available free on Android & iOS. Stay Together with IoT features like camera, chat, voice messaging, remote monitoring, and more . . . 

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LocateMotion GPS Tracker Testimonials

Here’s what our customers are saying . . . 

★★★★★ A Prayer for You Guys My siblings and I purchased LocateMotion for our mother and it has been a blessing. Because we don’t live near her and she wishes to live independently in the state where she’s resided for the past 20 years, this technology has enabled us to support her goals. The peace of mind this provides us is immeasurable.

CaregiverVancouver, Canada