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GPS Watch Helping Families Stay Together

GPS Watch for elderly, kids and caregivers. A unique solution for wandering to track and locate loved ones when it counts. Give them independence and respect while you get the caregiver support you deserve. Stay Together with LocateMotion.

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LocateMotion GPS Watch Is Perfect For


GPS Watch for Elderly

Our GPS watch is perfect for senior care, especially for wandering loved ones. Caregivers get the support they need while loved ones get the independence and respect via a sleek and durable watch.


GPS Watch for Kids

The ability to track and locate your kids is priceless. Our GPS Watch for kids lets parents and caregivers do just that. You can set up geofencing support, get alerts, chat, and quickly locate children who wander.


GPS Watch for Caregivers

Whether you have an elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s, or a child with Autism, our GPS watch and app helps caregivers when it counts. Your loved one wears the watch while you monitor their health and safety via the app.

Helping Families Stay Together

About LocateMotion

Our mission is simple, help loved ones Stay Together. The Caregiver Watch supports this mission. With features unlike any other GPS Tracker on the market, the Caregiver Watch keeps loved ones connected 24/7. Compare Us.

  • Makes Daily Life Easier
  • Ease of Use
  • Independence & Confidence
  • Caregiver Peace of Mind
  • Reduce Caregiver Stress
  • Affordable Care Solution
  • Monthly Usage of Voice (20mins)
  • Data (20MB), SMS (5) Included
  • 30-Day Guarantee
  • Canadian-Based White Glove Support

LocateMotion App for Android & iOS Devices

Available free on Android and iOS mobile devices. Your loved one wears our innovative GPS watch while you monitor via the caregiver mobile application. With the LocateMotion app you can Stay Together with loved ones via features like:

  • Built-In Camera
  • Remote Chat
  • Voice Messaging
  • Activity Scheduling 
  • Medication Scheduling
  • Monitor Safety & Health
  • Get Geo-Fence Alerts
  • And Much More

Get the LocateMotion caregiver app at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store today. 


Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

★★★★★ Will Highly Recommend! Very pleased with the LocateMotion. Installation was very simple. The application works everywhere in Canada where there is wireless coverage. The watch uses the cell phone system and with the GPS can detect my location. Response time to make the call is immediate – is much faster than the previous company that I used and cancelled their service, since I was left on hold after a long wait time for a response. Again, very pleased with the LocateMotion.

Ben FrithOntario, Canada

A Few of Our Partnerships

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